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Guest Speakers

Michelle Davis

Michelle Davis is a graduate student in Educational Technology and Design at the U of S.  She has enjoyed her work as an educator in a number of roles, including Director of Educational Technology & Learning Design within an independent school system, classroom teacher, and teacher-librarian. Currently, she works in two school libraries (elementary and secondary) in the West Vancouver School District.
As a teacher-librarian, Michelle is passionate about the transition of the school library to a learning commons as a “library plus” model for schools. As a part of this library plus model, Michelle has incorporated Maker Education within each of her school libraries. In a typical day, it is not unusual to find her facilitating student creations on a giant Lego Wall, avoiding roving robots beneath her feet, threading sewing machines for textiles projects, or assisting students with creative design challenges like building an igloo out of milk jugs.  
Michelle on Makerspaces: “When I first learned about library makerspaces, the idea took root and grew.  Makerspaces as a concept and as an educational possibility resonated with me and with everything that I knew about children and learning; about building connections, mentoring relationships and changing mindsets; and about the innate human desire to create, make and build. Intuitively, I knew that these spaces could have a transformative influence on student learning and engagement.   I also knew that I would eventually create a makerspace within each of my own school libraries”.

Michelle’s blog on Makerspaces, Libraries and Learning:


Brandy Burdeniuk, BDes. LEED AP BD+C


Brandy Burdeniuk, founding partner of EcoAmmo and currently sits as Chair of the Alberta Chapter — Canada Green Building Council. As an industrial designer, collaborator, and troublemaker, Brandy has worked since 2006 with her team to excite people about sustainable design and construction. Eager to share her building knowledge, Brandy has presented to numerous audiences across Canada and has taught as a sessional instructor in Industrial Design at the University of Alberta. Her expertise and community involvement enables EcoAmmo to be at the forefront of market changes and technical updates while also providing specialized knowledge of design, building products and materials, and green building certification.

Brian Simmons and Jeremy Lang

Jeremy and Brian are two Calgary teachers and leaders that believe in the power of design thinking as a vital tool for instructional design and learning. Their experiences have given them a diverse skill set as, between the two, they have taught from K-12 in both regular and specialized settings. They are recent graduates of the Educational Technology and Design program and attended the first ETAD Summer Institute in Muenster. Currently, Brian teaches in a Grade 5 Math/Science classroom while Jeremy manages and teaches within in a maker space in a junior high.

As teachers, leaders, and program developers they have learned one thing about themselves: they have always believed in the power of making, tinkering, and design thinking in both education and in their personal lives. They are now passionately sharing their understanding, gained through years of classroom experience, with other educators. They are active members of the maker education community and are the current Co-directors of Maker Education at the Calgary Mini Maker Faire. They have been invited the share their ideas at conventions, conferences, universities, and school districts throughout Western Canada where they share a practical and realistic approach to making in education.

They don't really take photos of themselves, but here is a shot of the two in action in an article in Metro News:

Marc Gobeil

Marc Gobeil is a Practical and Applied Arts Teacher with the Greater Saskatoon Catholic Schools as well as a Lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan in the College of Education. Marc has been awarded the title of Apple Distinguished Educator and has also won other teaching awards such as the Bates Award for Excellence in Teacher Education. Marc has been heavily invested in education since completing his Masters Degree in Educational Technology and Design. He is passionate about supporting the maker movement in education and empowering student to create.

Marc’s Latest project is exploring the Maker Movement with a Guitar Design and Construction Program for inner city indigenous students run entirely out of a computer lab. The program has been garnering national attention for innovation and Student success. Recently Marc and his students presented the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau with a custom guitar and had him engaged in the building process with the help of students leading him through the basics.