This site contains scholarly papers on theories and issues in educational technology. We are concerned about the contributions educational technology can make to learning, and cautious about the problems that can accompany the adoption of technology. We care about the theoretical underpinnings of our work, and want to consider, question, discuss and ponder the foundations of this area of study. Join us, and sample our thoughts. We invite you to correspond with the authors and even contribute a paper of your own to this site.

A Literature Review of K-12 Virtual Learning Communities
Ann Cook

Motivation – Awaking the Students’ Natural Curiosity
Constance Mackenzie - 2008

Influence of Instrumental Motivation on EFL Learners in China and Its Implication on TEFL Instructional Design
Xing Xu - 2008

Making Late Elementary Classrooms Natural Places for Learning: Social Constructivism via Social Software and Web 2.0 Tools
Jon Yellowlees - 2008

Placing Culture at the Forefront
Sherri Sieffert - 2006

Multitasking and Student Learning
Possible Explanations for a Growing Phenomenon

Clint Reddekopp - 2006

Gaming and Students with Asperger's Syndrome: A Literature Review
Shaun Loeppky - 2006

Just Plugging Students In:
A Critique of Mentoring Toward Technology Use

Wendy James-2006

In a Race Such as This Does Anyone Win?
Defining the Digital Divide and the Resulting Implications.

Darryl Isbister - 2006

Critical Issues Identified by New Members of the Educational Technology Community of Practice
Contributors: Donna DesRoches, Darlene Gulas-Bomok, Debi Naigle, Heather Ross, Derek Tannis
Editor: Richard Schwier
session abstract (pdf)
full paper (pdf)

The Use of Technology in Education and Professional Development For Health Care Providers
Heather M. Ross - 2005

"Before you snorkel that horse ...":
A consideration of appropriate tools and community structures to support online learning

Robert J. Wall - 2005

Reaching the “Nexters”: Youth Participation and the Strategic Application of Technology in the Non-Profit Sector
Derek Tannis - 2005

Multimedia Learning Environments for Health Care Staff
Jenn Selkirk - 2005

Looking For Social Capital in Online Virtual Communities
Jeff Elliott -2005

Literature Review of Media Messages to Adolescent Females
Debi Naigle - 2005

Implementing Distance Education Programs in a Saskatchewan School Division
Timothy Duke - 2004

Technology Integration and Educational Change: Is it Possible?
David Thorburn - 2004

The Changing Face of Professional Development: Making the Most of Technology in Schools
Dean Shareski - 2004

Weblogs as Educational Tools
Robert J. Wall - February, 2004

Screenwriting education and assessment viewed through a constructivist lens
Mary F. Callelle - May, 2004

Inclusive Practices in Instructional Design
Patricia Dyjur -February, 2004

Cognitive Load Theory and Instructional Design
Brian Chipperfield - April, 2004

Building Social Capital in Virtual Learning Communities
Ben Daniel - April, 2002

How Should Administrators Support Teachers in the Integration of Technology?
Donna Gavin - April, 2002

Investigating the Effect(s) of Technology Integration on Teaching Practices that May Lead to the Development of a Community of Learners
Julie Machnaik - March, 2002

A Viable Economic Option Online Distance Education Plan for Rural Saskatchewan High Schools
Laurie Brand - February, 2002

Web-Based Distance Education: Pedagogy, Epistemology, and Instructional Design
Jeff Boulton - February, 2002

Distance Coaching: Is it Viable to Improve Motor Learning Using the Internet?
Ivan Tam - April, 2001

Towards The Development of Successful Virtual Learning Communities
Sharon Porterfield - April 2001

Assessment and Evaluation of Peer Interaction Using Computer-Mediated Communication in Post-Secondary Academic Education
Mary Dykes - April, 2001

Moving Towards Constructivist Classrooms
Thelma Cey - April, 2001

Technology Use in Rural Saskatchewan:
Opportunities and Challenges

Ruth Cey - April, 2001

Evaluation of Educational Websites
Kelli Boklaschuk and Kevin Caisse
April, 2001

Lessons Learned From the Real World: Reflections on a Journey
Barbara Schindelka - April, 2000

The Changing Role of The Teacher Librarian in the Twenty-first Century
Bev Scheirer - April, 2000

An Examination of Constructivism as a Technology for Marriage Enrichment Classes
David Pratte - April, 2000

My Constructivism
Doug Pinder - April, 2000

Virtual Mentoring: A Real-World Case Study
Carlo Hansen - April, 2000

Ownership of Knowledge and Its Implications for Teacher Education
Alec Couros - April, 2000

Harold Innis Through the Lens of Educational Technology
Glenn Clark - April, 2000

Helping Teachers Integate Technology With Curriculum: A Professional Development Model Using Concepts From Knowledge Management
Peter Arthur - April, 2000

Integrating Technology into the Curriculum
Gloria Antifaiff - April, 2000

An Overview of the Design and Technical Aspects of Teleconferencing
Chris Acton - April, 1998

Looking Inward: China's Historical and Theoretical Contributions to Educational Technology
Dennis Morgan - May, 1998

Toodlee-Doo: Effective Interactive Musical Instruction Across The Internet
James G. MacKenzie - May, 1998

Factors Affecting the Adoption and Use of Computer Technology in Schools
Ron Krysa - May,1998

Media, Stereotypes and the Perpetuation of Racism in Canada
James Crawford - May, 1998

The Invisible People: Educational Technologists--Do We Exist?
Dean Caplan - May, 1998

Job Search Guide for Educational Technologists
Kathy Berry - May, 1998

Instructional Design and Learning Theory
Brenda Mergel - May, 1998

To Be or Not To Be: Computer Equity and the Struggle of the Have Nots
Alexandra Stratulat - April, 1998

Educational Reform and a Model for Change
Dell Franklin - May 1998

Faith, Hope and Humanity - Postmodernism in Educational Technology
Cam Willett - May 1998

Self Regulated Learners and Distance Education Theory
Jay Wilson - June 1997

Elements of Constructivism
Bonnie Skaalid

Metacognitive Cybernetics: The Chess Master is No Longer Human
Daniel Mittelholtz

Building Learning Communities with Educational Technology
Gene Kowch and Richard Schwier

The Cultural Approach To Designing Computer Assisted Instruction For ESL
Koreen Geres - June 1997

Motivation To Learn
Connie Frith - June 1997

If Only I Could Dance This: Semiotics and Instructional Design
Deirdre Bonnycastle - June 1997

Metacognition: Designing For Transfer
Judy Adkins - May, 1997